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Comenius 'Hands and Feet' Project 2011-2013 - Activity Calender

Activity Calender

Here can you find the timetable for all project specific activities.

Sep 19th 2011 All Countries Heal the world
    Sing project song 'Heal the world'
Sep 26th 2011 All Countries
    Pupils e-mail pupils in each of the other countries
Oct 3rd 2011 All Countries Interviews
    Pupils interview people 'hands who help them around the school'
- find our what they do
Oct 10th 2011 All Countries Leaflet
    Produce a 'Hands that help us in school' leaflet /flyer to inform pupils
in the other school about people who work in their school and the jobs they do.
Nov 23rd - 27th 2011 Germany 1. Visit
    Exchange of 'Hands that help us' leaflets; Discussion of craft book and web-site; Evaluation of work so far - discuss pupils and teacher evaluations;
visit classes; talk to children; meet staff and members of the community
Dec 12th
All Countries Postcards
    Send 6 cards each per country in English or bi-lingual to every country.
Jan 2nd -
Feb 22nd '12
All Countries Posters
    Each country produce 6 posters in total to give one poster to each country in the project at the next meeting in Finland.
Each poster should display a range of people who help us in the community and should be displayed in English but could also be bi-lingual.
Finnland 2. Visit
    Exchange of 'hands that help us in our comunity‘ posters to inform pupils
in the other school about people who work in their community.
Mar '12 All Countries Emplayment graphs
    All schools survey with children the employment in their school (parents). Each country needs to produce a graph of employment and bring it to Spain in May. This can be either an electronic copy or a hard copy or both.
23rd-27th '12
Spain 3. Visit
Jun '12 All Countries Mini Olympics
    Children plan Mini Olympics by thinking about the benefits of sports, E.g. Health, friendship, rules, leadership, etc. Schools are to take videos of the children taking part in sports and discussing the benefits. This will be collated in time for September when it will be shared during the Wales Visit. Each country will need to make a DVD of their work.
Sept '12 All Countries Produce DVDs of the mini-olympics
    5 picture postcards for each country of local area (30 in total) where children have written simple sentence patterns e.g. I live in...I like...etc - these will be exchanged at the project meeting
26th-30th '12
Wales 3. Visit
Nov. '12 All Countries Routes that our feet take
    Children produce maps showing their journey from home to school.
Nov '12 All Countries History Work
    All schools produce 3 time-lines about three important historical people from their country
(exchange in Istanbul)
21st-25th '12

 Turkey 4. Visit
Jan '13 All Countries Our Carbon Footprint
    Children produce a mind-map to show the impact we have in the world. (Printout A3 for each country, exchange in Rumania)

Using local maps, children mark outlines of bad footprints (red) and good footprints (green) (1 map for each country)
Feb '13 All Countries Enviroment - "Reduce/Reuse/Recycle"
    Children produce persuasive posters to show what we can do to help our enviroment (3 posters for each country)
Feb 15th '13 All Countries Caterpillar Link Radio Programme (radio station Italy)
    Pupils and teachers switch off the lights at school or at home for 1 hour,
videos, photos, pictures about it to document the event to save energy and electricity
13rd-17th '13
Rumania 5. Visit
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