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Comenius 'Hands and Feet' Project 2011-2013 - Evaluation


Effective monitoring and evaluation helps ensure we all get the most out of our Comenius project. By keeping a close eye on how the project is progressing, we will also be able to adapt our objectives and activities to new or changing needs.

Our coordinator has begun an evaluation diary with her pupils in Wales. The diary is now in Germany and it will continue in other countries. Moreover we have different ways to evaluate the project in each country. Here you will find some of them.
Evaluation Finland 2013-05 Vehmasmaen koulu - Finland 03 Jun 2013
Evaluation Finland 2012-02 Vehmasmaen koulu - Finland 03 Feb 2013
Evaluation Romania 2012-02 Scoala CU Clasele - Romania 27 Feb 2012
Evaluation Germany 2011-12 Pestalozzischule Gladbeck - Germany 12 Dec 2011
Video evaluation Wales 2011-11 Gnoll Primary School - Wales 22 Nov 2011
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