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Comenius 'Hands and Feet' Project 2011-2013 - Unicef-Walk


Unicef walk is an easy and voluntary way to help children across the world.
It gives pupils a chance to have effect and learn – by exercising!
Material needed (passes, stickers, route signs, posters) in Unicef walk comes from Unicef Finland.
Arranged in Finland since 1998 and originally idea comes from Netherlands.
This year funds are raised for Unicef´s Schools for Africa-campaign.
During the school year 2011-2012 Finnish pupils helped 120 000 African children attend school.

DIRECTIONS – how to organize Unicef walk
  1. Schools choose one day for Unicef walk
  2. Before the event pupils collect sponsors for the walk (parents, grandparents, neighbors).
  3. School sends an info letter to homes.
  4. Before the event teacher tells/shows videos/gives presentation about global issues and children rights in class (local Unicef office can help and maybe visit school).
  5. Pupils walk as many kilometers as possible the day when Unicef walk is organized. Teachers mark the round with route signs before the event. Pupils walk the round with their passes and get stickers to it. Usually pupils walk one kilometer round (pupils get one sticker/km for their passes).
  6. After walk pupils present their sponsors their passes and how many kilometers they have walked. Sponsors give money to pupils.
  7. School collects money from pupils and sends money for Unicef.
  8. Unicef uses money for Schools for Africa-campaign this year.
  9. Pupils can participate for Unicef walk also without sponsors!    
  10. It is important to tell children/families how much they collected money for Unicef.


With our Comenius project UNICEF walk we collected a lot of money. All in all we collected 3350 Euro! Thanks for all the great sponsors and the participating children!

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