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Comenius 'Hands and Feet' Project 2011-2013 - Finland

Finland - Vehmasmaen koulu

Surrounding area
Vehmasmaki primary school is situated in eastern Finland, the city called Kuopio (97000 inhabitants). Our school is in Kuopio countryside surrounded by beautiful nature 20 km from city centre.

Pupils and teachers
We have 130 pupils and six teachers, one special needs teacher and three assistants. We have six classes and pupils are 7 -12 years old. Pupils with special needs are integrated to basic education groups.

Our school buildings
The older school building is built 1884. There are five classrooms, teachers’ room and headmaster’s office.
The other school building is built 1988. There is one classroom, gym, canteen, special classroom for handcrafts and school nurse’s room.

Greetings from Finland

our teachers

old school building

new school building



6th class at work


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