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Comenius 'Hands and Feet' Project 2011-2013 - Wales

Wales - Gnoll Primary School

Surrounding area
Gnoll Primary School  is in the Southern part of Wales. We are in the centre of the town of Neath. Our school is in an old industrial area of Wales where there used to be a lot of coal mines, oil refineries and steel works. Now the employment pattern has changed as the heavy industry has closed and is now mainly in the service sector and tourism. We are near to the coast and the mountains. We have a large park near to the school which we can use to enhance our studies.

Pupils and teachers
We have  320 children and fifty staff in the school. There are  fifteen classes from nursery (3years old) to year 6 (eleven years old).

Our school buildings
Gnoll Primary School was built in 1940 but was used as an annex to Neath Hospital until the 1980s. It was converted to become Gnoll Primary school in 1991. We have a single story building shaped like a capital ‘E’. Everyone does their best to make our school a fun place to be and our school council are always looking for ways to improve our school and make it even better.

We are all looking forward to linking hands of friendship with other pupils across Europe

Here are some of our classes and other interesting places around our school:

Mrs Long's Year 6 class

Mrs Sharp's Year 5 class

Mrs Raisbeck's Year 3 class

Mr Dobson’s Year 4 and 5 class

Miss Carney's year 4

Mrs Murray in her art and music studio

Our school library

Our dinner hall

One of our outside play areas

Multisensory room

Multisensory room

A quiet sitting area in the playground

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