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Comenius 'Hands and Feet' Project 2011-2013 - Italy

Italy - Instituto Comprensivo Castelmassa

Surrounding area
The “Istituto Comprensivo of Castelmassa” (RO) includes 13 schools: 4 Infant Schools, 5 Primary Schools and 4 Secondary Schools (Middle Schools) and a Permanent Territorial Centre for Adult Education. The schools are spread over a territory of six municipalities and are placed in line along the left bank of the river Po on the border of three large regions of northern Italy.

Pupils and teachers
In the Comenius project are involved 5 Primary schools and 4 Middle schools: about 200 students and 20 teachers.

Our school buildings
There are five primary schools, one for each little town: Castelmassa, Castelnovo Bariano, Ceneselli, Bergantino e Melara. The bigger school is situated in Castelmassa. Students are from the town of Castelmassa and the little town of Calto.

Primary school of CASTELMASSA

                                              In the computer room                                              

After bell

Primary school of  CASTELNOVO BARIANO

In the playground :“Hi from students and teachers of class 5”

Primary school of CENESELLI

The fifth class with the emblem of the town

Primary school of MELARA

Mrs Paola M. and Mrs Paola N. with their students in class 5

Primary school of BERGANTINO

Students outside the school 

In the gym: pupils waving flags “sbandieratori”


There are 4 Middle schools situated in the towns of: Castelmassa, Castelnovo Bariano, Bergantino and Melara.

Middle school of CASTELMASSA.

Mrs Simonetta and the students of the class 1 A

Mrs Simonetta and the students of the class 1 B


Special greetings from teachers and students of class 1

Many smiles from the students in the class 1

Middle school of MELARA

The pupils and the foreign language teachers: we study English and Spanish!

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